Press Club Election

Journalist Panel’s victory, clean sweep NPC Islamabad Annual Elections

Islamabad ; The annual election of National Press Club Islamabad 2023-24 was won by the journalist panel with a huge majority, 26 candidates of the journalist panel while 2 candidates of the Javed Malik group were declared successful. And Javed Malik group were against each other.A large number of journalists from the twin cities participated in the elections and 1943 journalists exercised their right to vote. According to the announced results of the elections, Anwar Raza of the Journalist Panel was declared successful with 1038 votes, compared to Javed Malik Group’s presidential candidate Javed Malik who got 604 votes, while Sharjeel Amjad Rao of Dastur Journalist Panel got 268 votes. Khalil Ahmed Raja of the Journalist Panel won the post of Secretary by getting 1035 votes, while Haroon Kamal Raja of the Dastur Journalist Panel got 505 votes and Farah Nawaz Bhatti of the Javed Malik Group got 224 votes. Nair Ali of the journalist panel was successful for the finance secretary, he got 1471 votes, but compared to him, Dr. Sajjad Azad, an independent candidate, got 169 votes. Azhar Jatoi of Journalist Panel won 1428 votes, Ghazanfar Abbas 1297 and Nazir Ahmed Charan won 1269 votes on 4 seats of Vice Presidents. On the women’s seat, Moira Imran of the journalist panel was declared successful with 1400 votes. Waqar Abbasi of the Journalist Panel won 1445, Aslam Boy 1236 and Talat Farooq 1197 votes on 04 seats of Joint Secretary. Shakila Jalil of Journalist Panel was declared successful by getting 1245 votes on the women’s seat. Out of 15 men’s seats in the governing body, the candidates of the journalist panel were successful in 13, among the successful candidates are Aamir Rafiq Butt, Ahmad Mansoor, Ehtsham Kayani, Syed Khalid Gardizi, Hamid Habib, Qalb Ali, Zulfiqar Baig, Babar Malik ,Syed Aoun Shirazi, Jafar Ali Balti, Farhat Mehmood Abbasi, Waqar Kazmi and Raja Waseem Abbasi are included while 02 candidates of Javed Malik Group Manzoor Ahmed Silhari and Raja Kamran Ali were successful in the governing body seats. Sahrish Qureshi and Rubina Shaheen of Journalist Panel won 1106 and 1087 votes on 02 women seats of the Governing Body.