No more price hike and rising inflation, protester raises their voice high during the protest

Islamabad : A peaceful demonstration against the rising inflation was organized by the Action for Impact in front of Islamabad Press Club. The protestors chanted the slogan against rising inflation and unprecedented price hike at all levels. The inflation in Pakistan is suffocating the people multiple levels. It was also very disappointing to see as there was only few people came to the protest.
It is high time that the Government should not put much burden on the people and come up with alternative ways to give relief to the people especially by decreasing the taxes on basic commodities, food, and petrol.
While addressing the protest, Ms. Zartasha Niazi, CEO of Action for Impact mentioned that today we staged this protest against the inflation as people are starving and dying of hunger. Government and political parties must come out with blame game, naming, and shaming and think about the people of this country first.
It is high time that Government, legislators and civil society finds out a way to come out of the social and economic crisis and give up the ways of neoliberalism and focus on state-centered economic development policies. For years, the Government is focusing on IMF and World Bank programs but the poverty remains the same as the poor and middle class is still struggling in this country.
The time has come for the Government must do the impact analysis of such programs and chalk out the gaps and find ways where they can provide good skills and income-generating opportunities to the country’s people. Pakistan has a very strong workforce as it is a country of 230 million people. If they are provided with good guidance and opportunities, the nation would reach the heights of glory and success. It is high time that the leader of this country must think about its people first and tried to give them relief at all levels. It is high time that everyone stands and thinks about a resilient, prosperous, and stable Pakistan.