Committed charities in country emerge as last hope for deprived people below poverty line, Tessori

Karachi : sindh Governor, Kamran Khan Tessori, has said that bona fide charities and non-profits have come to the rescue of the destitute people in the country suffering from unprecedented inflation after state and successive governments failed to ensure their welfare.
The Sindh Governor stated this while speaking as the chief guest at a seminar on “Entrepreneurship: much needed for the national economy” organized by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) here at the Governor House.
The Governor acknowledged that the state had failed in providing employment and fulfilling the fundamental needs of underprivileged families as charitable organizations had emerged as the last hope for the people living below the poverty line.
He acknowledged that underprivileged families had to face unbearable economic conditions due to massive increase in inflation as the head of a family earning a few thousand rupees every month didn’t have the means to fulfill all the basic needs of the people in his house.
He appealed to the concerned philanthropists and affluent people to generously donate to the sincere and committed charities in the country to help them serve the downtrodden communities in the best possible manner. “Every resourceful person in society has to come forward and play its due role in the present dire situation to lessen the sufferings of the deprived families,” said the Governor.
He also appreciated the various initiatives started by the commercial and industrial entities under the concept of corporate social responsibility for the uplift of the deprived communities in the country.
The Governor assured the audience that he would fully support non-governmental organizations like NFEH to combine the CSR-related activities of the corporate sector for the needy people and increase tree cover for improvement in the environmental conditions in the country.
Karachi Administrator, Dr Syed Saifur Rehman, said the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) had the complete resolve to make clean and green all open urban spaces in the city to play its due part in countering the adverse phenomenon of climate change.
He told the audience that devastating floods in the country last year showed that everyone should act responsibly to tackle the situation of deforestation.
He said that extensive tree plantation should be carried out in the urban areas to avoid such deadly disasters in the future.
He said that construction activities in the cities should take place in a responsible and disciplined manner ensuring that nature should least be harmed.
He said the NGOs actively taking part in the plantation campaigns in the country were performing an important national duty as the KMC would fully support such efforts for keeping Karachi clean and green.
Sindh Energy Secretary, Abu Bakar Madani, said the government’s successful initiative to extract vast reserves of coal in Thar and consume it for electricity generation had gone a long way in the economic uplift of the underprivileged communities in Tharparkar.
He told the audience about the initiatives launched by the Sindh government for promoting the use of abundantly available clean and green energy resources for electricity generation for the protection of the environment.
Chief Operating Officer of Saylani Welfare International Trust, Muhammad Ghazal, told the audience about the continuous drive of his non-profit since 2013 to impart Information Technology-related skills to thousands of students from needy families for ensuring their economic turnaround.
Syed Azfar Hussain, Project Director of the National Incubation Centre in Hyderabad, said the corporate sector should fully support the emerging technology-led startups in the country for generating jobs and livelihood opportunities for thousands of graduates who passed out from the universities every year.
NFEH President Naeem Qureshi said that his NGO had been constantly running a campaign of tree plantation in Karachi for the last nine years to make the city clean and green.
He said the NFEH had planned to develop an urban forest in Karachi in collaboration with the KMC and the corporate sector.
GS NFEH Ruqiya Naeem also spoke on the occasion and praised the CSR initiatives of leading companies in Pakistan for helping out needy people. Engr. Nadeem Ashraf Vice President NFEH, Raafia Mamujee, Director NUST Dr. Maria Qadiri. President CSR Club Anis younus
and others also addressed on this occasion.