Business Community


Islamabad (VOM ) : Political parties should not jumble the economy of the country with politics. The business community of any country has the ability to get the country out of difficult economic conditions. Politicians should make the policy to manage the economy of the country on priority. We have to take steps towards a prosperous Pakistan and stand firm for the success of our country. Mirza Abdul Rehman and Hina Mansab Khan was expressing his thoughts on the occasion of conference organized by Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and National Business Women Council (NBWC) in FPCCI Capital Office, regarding the promotion of economic stability. It was held under the leadership of FPCCI Chairman Coordination Mirza Abdul Rehman and National Business Women Council Chairperson Hina Mansab Khan.
The various officials of the chambers and associations of Federal Area Punjab, Islamabad and Gilgit-Baltistan participated in the conference. Mirza Abdul Rehman, Hina Mansab Khan, Qurban Ali, Muhammad Ali Quaid, Ferdowsia Fazal Durrani, Lalah Rukh, Tujeel Riaz, Ishrat Farooqui, Shahida Ghulam Rasool, Armaan Shah, Nazir Rehman Usmani, Muhammad Dawood, Sahibzadi Mahin, Anbreen Zaman, Mehreen Jan and other speakers said while expressing their views that it is really embarrassing that our country could not find any economic planners who can able to make a proper plan to run the country’s economy on the right track. The secret of any country’s economic development is industrial sector of the country. It is our bad luck that all the political leaders have involved in political tussle, which is affecting the country’s economy and people.
They further said that Pakistan has great importance as compare to many countries of the world. Pakistan can be strengthened economically if it utilize its youth properly. Pakistan can become an economic power if proper economic planning has made.
The speakers said that economic policies should be made in consultation with the business community. Congenial environment and facilities should be provided to the entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Women should be provided equal opportunities if wish to empower women, to transform 50% of Pakistan’s population into a productive workforce, women’s should be supported financial inclusion . provision of financial help is the fastest way to empower them. The speakers further said that the government should provide relief through financial institutions including setting up a display center and special economic zone in Islamabad for SMEs, especially women entrepreneurs. The speakers expressed their full confidence on FPCCI President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, Senior Vice President Mohammad Sulaiman Chawla and their team, especially Mirza Abdul Rehman and Qurban Ali in the Federal Area, has demanded the government to improve Pakistan’s economy and follow the advice and suggestions of FPCCI for short-term and long-term policies and give the post of Federal Minister to the President of FPCCI so that he can close the gaps between the business community of the country and the government as well as the country.

Muhammad Ali Quaid, former vice president of FPCCI and Minister of Information Technology Gilgit-Baltistan, Qurban Ali Sadar Nagar Chamber, Almas Akhtar GB Member FPCCI, Ambareen Zaman Executive Member National Business Women Council, Farida Qureshi Founder President Women Chamber Karachi South, Lal Rukh Founder President Women Chamber Karachi East, Raja Iqbal Ex President Rawalpindi Chamber, Tanzeela Riaz Vice President Sargodha Women Chamber, Rafat Shaheen President Rawalpindi Women Chamber, Ishrat Farooqui Former President Women Chamber Karachi, Shahida Ghulam Rasool Founder President Women Chamber Hyderabad, Shabista Bakhtiarova Women Chamber Korangi Karachi, Sahibzadi Mahin Founder President Women Chamber Korangi, Mehreen Jan President Women Chamber Gilgit, Faryal Khawar Women Chamber Islamabad, Fahmida Musa Khan Gilgit Women Chamber, Nazli Abid President Women Chamber Malir Karachi, Shamila Sarfaraz Women Chamber Attock, Samira Naseer Women Chamber Attock, Neelam Khalid Chaudhry Founder President Rawalpindi Women Chamber, Naima Naz Founder President Dir Chamber, Ferdowsia Fazal Durrani Founder President Hazza Rah Division Women Chamber, Haji Abdul Riaz PVMA including Rawalpindi Women Chamber officials Saboi Hussain, Shamaila Altaf, Ghazala Yasmin, Musrat Jabeen, Arfa Asghar, Noreen Tariq, Shamaila Kausar, Zubaidah Asghar, Muntaha Shahrukh, Amara Amjad, Rukhshanda Jabeen. , Sana Amin, Lubna Ali, Misbah Amir, Arman Shah former president Gilgit Chamber, Nazir Rehman Osmani President Gilgit Small Chamber, Muhammad Dawood Small Chamber, Muhammad Ali Jinnah Senior Vice President Nagar Chamber, Shafqat Ali Nagar Chamber, Abdul Majeed Lahore Chamber has also participated in the said conference.