The tradition of selling churan(spices) in the name of Kashmir should end, Muslim League Qayyum

Islamabad : Faisal Anwar, Central Deputy Information Secretary of Pakistan Muslim League Qayyum, has said on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day that the tradition of selling churan(spices) in the name of Occupied Kashmir should end in the country. He said that we have nuclear power, we have the best-trained army in the world, but our attitude is like that of the poor and the needy, India does not understand the language of love, and it is time to do something. Our hearts beat with Kashmiris and the borders of our country are connected with the edge of Kashmir. We will not allow anyone to change the geography of Pakistan. Faisal Anwar Bhatti said that Quaid Azam’s Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir. When Quaid-e-Azam did not accept the Indian invasion of Kashmir, how can we accept it?. India needs to pay a heavy price for the invasion of Kashmir. Faisal Anwar said that Muslim League Qayyum’s aim on Kashmir is blunt and straightforward, Kashmir is the aorta of Pakistan, and will not accept any pressure on it.