Mushaal urges Pakistan to move ICJ against Indian occupation of Kashmir
Warns Kashmir a burning volcano could erupt anytime

ISLAMABAD: The chairperson Peace and Culture Organization Mushaal Hussain Malick stressed the need that the Pakistani government should take the issue of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) in International Court of Justice (ICJ) to build a presser on the hindutva regime to resolve the long-smoldering Kashmir dispute as per the UNSC’s resolutions.
Speaking at an event organized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day as Chief Guest, Mushaal said that Kashmir was a burning volcano that could erupt anytime but ironically even then international community and UN bodies adopted a quite callous and uncaring approach towards the world’s worst likely human crisis.
The event was attended by Director General Information Service Academy, Sayyed Mubashar Tauqir Shah, Director General DEMP, Dr. Tariq Mahmood Khan and Secretary General Peace and Culture Organisation, Sabien Hussein Mullick.
Mushaal, a wife of incarcerated hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, said that people of the occupied valley were facing like doomsday situation as Modi regime unleashed barbarism and was committing genocide as well as ethnic cleansing of Kashmiris.
She went on to say that the fascist authorities imprisoned political personalities of the IIOJK including her husband Yasin Malik and used all brutal and inhuman tactics against them to silence them.
The chairperson stated that the Modi notorious regime was involved in physical and mental torture of Kashmiris and even they could not spare the infants and women in order to spread terror to muzzle the dissenting voices.
Mushaal said that supremacist Hindutva regime was changing the demography of Kashmir, as domiciles were being issued to Indian citizens under a nefarious plan to convert Kashmiris community from Majority to minority.
She said that Kashmir was the root cause of every problem as India was not only releasing a statement of akhand bharat but threatening war.
She raised questioned as to why the UN was just limited to issuing reports on the Occupied Kashmir rather taking tangible and practical steps to implement its own resolutions to settle the issue once and for all. She urged the UN to take steps like elsewhere in the world including Ukraine to demilitarize the region which was turned into a garrison city.
Mushaal stated that the UN should appoint a special envoy who should not only make an effort to release political prisoners but also investigate the human rights violations in occupied valley.
She also said that the Pakistani government should enroll an application in the UN for changing the demographics status and should discuss this matter in international forums.
The Chairperson appreciated the Ministry of Information’s efforts to depict the Indian forces’ atrocities through paintings.
Kashmiri people will not accept any bargain as people sacrificed their lives for independence, as nothing less than freedom acceptable to the Kashmiri people, she added.