National Assembly

Speaker Leads Special Committee in Addressing Key Issues in Balochistan

• Formulate TORs and prioratize issues for their resolution decides the Committee

• Resolution of the issues faced by Balochistan is vital not only for the local residents but also for the progress and development of our country as a whole: Speaker

• We must work together to find practical solutions for the benefit of the people of Balochistan: Speaker

Islamabad, Pakistan – The meeting of the National Assembly’s Special Committee on Balochistan, under the chairmanship of the Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf at the Parliament House, to address the pressing issues faced by the Balochistan province and work towards their resolution.

During the meeting, the Speaker highlighted the importance of working in a unified manner to address the long-standing problems faced by the province and ensure the welfare of its people.

The Committee comprising prominent members from various political parties and government stakeholders, decided to frame Terms of Reference (TORs), prepare list of most pressing issues for their fast tracking. Intially, the committee agreed to take up the issues of: non-provision of gas to local residents in certain areas of Balochistan, rehabilitation of flood affected people, repatriation of IDPs, illegal occupation of land by oil and gas companies and fixation of job quotas.

Besides the Committee members discussed various initiatives and plans to improve the standard of living, provide basic necessities, and create job opportunities for the residents of Balochistan.

The Committee also stressed the importance of involving all relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process to ensure that their perspectives and concerns are taken into account. The members expressed their commitment to work towards finding practical solutions that are in the best interest of the people of Balochistan.

The Speaker expressed his satisfaction with the proceedings of the meeting and emphasized the need for continued cooperation and collaboration among the members to achieve the desired outcomes.

He thanked the members for their participation and commitment towards finding solutions to the challenges faced by the province.

Besides Speaker, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq (Federal Minister for Economic Affairs), Asad Mehmood ( Federal Minister for Communications), Ehsan Ur Rehman Mazari (Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination), Nawabzada Shazain Bugti (Federal Minister for Narcotics Control), Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar (Federal Minister for Law & Justice), Noor Alam Khan (Chairman PAC); MNAs Khalid Hussain Magsi, Usama Qadri, Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry, Prof. Dr. Shahnaz Baloch. Moreover Zia Lango (Home Minister Balochistan), Nawabzada Mir Gohram Khan Bugti ( Advisor Labour & Manpower, Govt. Of Balochistan) and government functionaries from the federal and provincial government were also present in the meeting.