Utility Stores Corporation

Branded items prices increased at all utility stores across the country, Spokesperson

Islamabad : In order to improve demand and supply and ensure uninterrupted supply of branded items, prices of certain branded items have been increased at all utility stores across the country.

However, this increase is from branded companies, which is due to factors like market volatility/rising trend.

Utility Stores Corporation does not manufacture or produce itself but purchases from reputed and certified branded companies of the country.

When raw material prices increase, production charges increase and transportation charges increase, the product cost also increases due to which the prices have to be revised.

So that demand and supply improve and availability of these products is possible.
It should be noted that the prices of these items were kept stable for the last seven to eight months.

A spokesman for Utility Stores Corporation has added. That subsidy is still being given on certain items under the Prime Minister’s relief package at all utility stores across the country. These items include flour, sugar, ghee, pulses and rice

Despite the increase, Utility Stores Corporations are active in ensuring the public supply of quality goods at affordable prices compared to the general market.