Any kind of pressure in the completion of the CPEC project is intolerable, Bukhari

Islamabad : Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari, head of Pakistan Muslim League Qayyum, said our party is Pakistan’s founder and creator party. Muslim League Qayyum is dynamic and active from Gilgit-Baltistan to Gwadar. We can confidently say that as this party had a successful past, so will its future be bright. In light of the thoughts of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, this party is being organized at the level of the Union Council by playing its role for the survival, security, prosperity, and independence of this country.
Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari said that Muslim League Qayyum is the only party that played a historic role in making Pakistan and now it will play an important role in bringing Pakistan out of economic, political, and social crises. The head of the Muslim League Qayyum said that we are well aware of the problems of Pakistanis living abroad and it is our political, moral, and national responsibility to fight for them, that’s why we are organizing Muslim League Qayyum overseas.
President Muslim League Qayyum demanded that the completion of the CPEC project should be possible by 2030 so that the economic conditions of the country can be stabilized as soon as possible. Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari said that any kind of internal and external pressure in the completion of the CPEC project is intolerable. From Khunjerab to Gwadar, the people have the right to be provided with suitable quality employment and benefit from this mega project. He said that for the establishment of peace in Gwadar, we invite all the political parties to get out of the politics of abuse and bullets and think of the country’s prosperity and economic development. Let’s solve the problems of Balochistan together and establish peace so that the people can breathe a sigh of relief in this era of inflation and provide them with the best employment. They also appeal to the Balochistan government and chiefs to move beyond personal interests and think of the country. Syed Faqir Hussain Bukhari said that we are the defenders of Pakistan and will do everything possible to establish peace, if there is peace in Gwadar then Balochistan will develop and the development of Balochistan will bring prosperity to Pakistan.
Pakistan Muslim League Qayyum Central Information Secretary Colonel (retd) Asad Mehmood said that the development of Balochistan is related to the peace of Gwadar, we want to live in peace with neighboring countries and want good relations, but India should know that Until he ends his usurpation of Kashmir, no negotiations are possible. Let India know that this is a party following the ideology of Khan Qayyum Khan, and no interference will be tolerated in Balochistan. It’s 2023, not 1948. Now if an army moves to Kashmir, it will not be 4 thousand but 4 crore people. He said that basic facilities and economic development are the right of the people of Balochistan, but blocking and suspending the CPEC routes under the guise of protest is anti-Balochistan rather anti-national. Asad Mahmood said in clear words that restoring and completing CPEC is the door to the prosperity of Balochistan and Gwadar. Targeting CPEC in the guise of public protest is like playing into the hands of the enemies of the country.
Muslim League Qayyum Central Deputy Information Secretary Faisal Bhatti, Youth Wing, and Social Media Organizer Syed Saqlain Bukhari, Muslim League Qayyum Provincial President from Gilgit-Baltistan Nawab Alam Usmani, President Kohistan Badar Nawaz and Provincial Vice President Ahmed Jameer also attended the press conference.