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Salik calls for UN’s proactive role to address desecration of Holy Quran issue

Islamabad : Former Federal Minister for Population Welfare and Convener, World Minorities Alliance (WMA) Julius Salik  strongly condemned the incident of desecration of Holy Quran in Sweden and Netherlands and demanded UN’s proactive role to address this issue to avert international crisis.  
In a telephonic conversation with APP from Washington, D.C. the veteran human rights defender expressed his regret and remorse over the issue.
J. Salik said, “I have been indicating this issue across the world for the past four decades. I have been advocating that the UN has failed to implement its responsibilities. In the Second World there was a loss of almost 50 million lives due to the failure of the Nations League, a world body that was working prior to the establishment of the UN in 1946.
“We are at the brink of the third world war, and if UN failed to implement its role then it may lead to a serious disaster,” he feared.
The UN, he said was not focusing on its efforts to ensure minorities’ rights world over, adding, “The desecration of Holy Quran in Sweden is highly regrettable and I call that man a cursed person.”
Salik underlined that the respect of different faiths and minorities’ rights was important as all religions educated and preached the message of respect and tolerance for other religions and faiths. 
In Islam, the Charter of Medinah is the biggest accord of its time that promotes tolerance and coexistence among different faiths and Bible also educates this message, the veteran rights defender said. 
“The UN is not building pressure on these states involved in defilement of Holy Quran to ensure the right of minorities which is the major cause of its failure and the WMA is working for this cause around the globe,” he added.
He suggested that the Archbishop of Canterbury and Imam-e-Kabah should lead the drive to start social boycott of such states, whereas the UN should support a world over social boycott and no aid should be given to those states involved in this regrettable attempt then we will be able to achieve our goal of peace. “Peace is possible with interfaith harmony and respect for others faiths and religions,” he added.
J. Salik informed that he was going to organize an interfaith conference through the platform of WMA in Washington on this cause to emphasise on the remedies to such incidents that were instigating violence among minorities of different faiths. 
“If UN did not pay attention to these incidents then it will further escalate. Its not an ordinary issue and the UN should settle this issue in the International Court of Justice,” he warned. 
Salik concluded that all forums across the world should strictly condemn this act as the best way was to respect each other’s faiths for peaceful world.