Govt to facilitate investment in technology, digital ecosystem, Syed Naveed

ISLAMABAD : Federal Minister for Commerce Syed Naveed Qamar assured government’s full support to facilitate trade and investment in the field of technology and digital ecosystem.
The minister was addressing on a USAID’s U.S.-Pakistani Diaspora Conference on accelerating Silicon Investments in Pakistan.
Syed Naveed said that, getting the perceptive of the vibrant and well accomplished US Pakistani Diaspora of the Silicon Valley and of the local businesses and most importantly Government of Pakistan will certainly help in improving the technology and digital ecosystem of Pakistan.
The minister also congratulated USAID and OPEN Silicon Valley for initiating a Start up connect Program in Pakistan.
Syed Naveed said that investing in technology is critical to meeting Pakistan’s goals, and that is why I am so pleased to hear that during today’s conference, you highlighted the Diasporas’ ability to leverage investments in the technology sector to grow and modernize Pakistan.
He observed that USAID is inking MOUs with the four Diaspora entities, who today are later signing partnership memoranda of understanding which will positively impact the development landscape of Pakistan.
Later he also thanked US. Government on behalf of the Pakistan government for committing more than $ 200 million to date to support flood relief disaster resilience and flood security.
Adding this includes their latest announcement of $100 million at the International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan in Geneva on January 9.
At the end the commerce minister assured that his office is open for all to facilitate trade and investment in technology sector.