RDA issues notices to three Marketing Companies

Rawalpindi : On the directions of the Director General Rawalpindi Development Authority Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa, the Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate RDA has issued notices to the owners of three marketing companies namely Sky Marketing, Ghafari Marketing and Wirasat.com for stopping advertising illegal housing schemes, RDA spokesman said.
He said the DG RDA has told that advertising illegal housing schemes which are not having any legal sanctity from RDA, which is illegal under 46(1) of Punjab Development Authorities Private Housing Scheme Rules-2021 which is reproduced as “A sponsor shall not advertise sale of plots or housing units in print and electronic media or in any manner, without prior approval of Authority.”
He said it is intimated that RDA only allows marketing and advertisement to those housing schemes which get the technical approval under rule 24(3) the Punjab Development Authorities Private Housing Scheme Rules-2021 which is reproduced as “The marketing or advertisement and sale of plots shall be allowed after the payment if approval fee, penalty, if any, execution of mortgage and transfer deeds and incorporation of the same in revenue record, but the sponsor shall not be absolved of the responsibility to comply with the marketing requirements under any other law.”
He said in this regard, it is apprised that unless a project gets NOC from RDA Rawalpindi, it cannot be declared as an approved or legal project. But unfortunately, your websites are misleading general public who are investing heavy amount only seeking your advertisements. The marketing / projection of such projects give impression to general public that the project is already approved and legal. You are warned that you must not be a part of this illegal activity which may deceive general public who invest in illegal housing societies through your plate-forms.
He said the DG RDA Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa has directed to remove all the material of these illegal scheme which may initiate the huge transaction of money from general public in the shape of booking of plots in unapproved/fake/illegal housing schemes thus deceive the general public through electronic media. Moreover, legal status of the projects is easily accessible on RDA website www.rda.gop.pk or can be obtained directly from the MP&TE Directorate RDA. In case of non-compliance, RDA reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against you and your organizations under relevant law, he added.