China New Year

The consistent progress and development in China a model to be followed by all nations, NA Speaker

Islamabad: Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf and Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mr.Zahid Akram Durrani felicitates Chinese people and its government on the eve of new Chinese Lunar Year. In their separate messages they expressed their belief that Chinese would continue to progress and develop owing to their national traits of hardwork and Committment. They also resolved that Pakistan & China would continue to cooperate in all socio- economic sectors for mutual prosperity and development.

Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf has expressed his confidence that Pak-China Friendship would not only enable both countries to flourish and develope but regional progress also hinges upon unbreakable ties between both countries. He said that successful completion of CPEC projects manifests willingness of both nations and their masses to cooperate for mutual benefit. He said that Chinese model of progress and development must be followed by all nations.

Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mr.Zahid Durrani has also felicitated Chinese nation on the eve of their new Lunar Year. He expressed his good wishes for progress and prosperity of Chinese people and hoped that New Chinese year would bring happiness, prosperity and progress in the lifes of Chinese people. He also expressed his resolve that Pak-China ties would be strong and cemented more than ever.