Acclaimed writer and well-known for his valuable contribution in promoting appreciation of art, Fareena

Islamabad : A solo exhibition and a book launch at The National Art Gallery, “Muhammad Javed; A Retrospective”,
Pakistan National Council of the Arts hosted a very important solo exhibition of paintings by a legendary master artist, Muhmmad Javed followed by a book launch on the artist’s life and artworks, “Muhammad Javed – A Versatile Artist”. The exhibition was graciously inaugurated by Ms. Fareena Mazhar, Secretary of Ministry of NH&CD at the National Art Gallery, PNCA. The artist is known as the pioneer and one of the most senior artists in our country with unique technique, style and versatility. He is practicing since his graduation from NCA in 1962 and has many solo shows to his credit nationally and internationally in addition to his regular participation in group shows. He created his own idiom and not only painted city heritage, but delineated socio-economic, cultural and political issues. He did innovative artwork to document artistic travelogue of different countries. Apart from, he explored new dimensions in modern calligraphic paintings. Muhammad Javed is also an acclaimed writer and well-known for his valuable contribution in promoting appreciation of art. The opening ceremony was followed by a book launch, “Muhammad Javed – A Versatile Artist”. The guest speakers including Dr. Ajaz Anwar, he is a celebrated water colorist, art educationist, historian and conservationist, who has over the years depicted the rich culture and essence of old Lahore through his paintings, Dr. Shaukat Mehmood who is also the editor of the book and a very big name in the field of arts, Dr. Arjumand Faisal, one of the leading gallerists of Pakistan, Prof. Dr. Mamoona Khan,HOD of fine arts department of Fatima Jinnah University and Shabnam Abbasi, author of the book, had an interesting discussion with the artist himself who was present as one of the panelists. The book revolves around the artist’s life and works and was published in 2021. He has contributed a lot in the field of fine arts during his 6 decades of professional career as an artist. It is a great opportunity for PNCA to pay tribute to a living legend. The show was heavily visited by a large number of audiences including artists, students, VIPs, Government officials, press & media etc. A large number of students visited the show and interviewed the artist about his techniques and art practice. PNCA is dedicated to promote Pakistani Art on Local and National scale. Our elevate and unique programs that present the traditional and contemporary art practices we reflect upon the excellence and cultural diversity of Pakistan as well as supports professional development of the artist. PNCA is committed to promoting significant aspects of the country and encourages community participation in gallery activities, fostering curatorial practice to artist’s own understanding of their work and encourages a healthy and sustainable local arts industry. PNCA has maintained a range of regionally focused visual arts exhibitions featuring both nationally and internationally recognized artists.