Posters urge people to observe shutdown on Gaw Kadal massacre day

Srinagar,: Posters have appeared in Srinagar and adjoining areas asking people to observe complete shutdown in Srinagar city and adjoining areas to mark the 33nd martyrdom anniversary of Gaw Kadal massacre victims.

Over 50 people were killed and hundreds others were injured when Indian troops had opened fire on peaceful protesters in Gaw Kadal area of Srinagar on January 21 in 1990. The demonstrators were protesting against the molestation of several women by the troops in the area.

The posters, displaced by Jammu and Kashmir Sadai Muzloomeen while recalling the great sacrifices of the victims, reiterated the Kashmiris’ pledge to take the mission of the martyrs to its logical conclusion. Posters with writing “Unbelievable…unexplainable” were pasted on walls and poles in the territory.