HEC Committee

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Federal Education directs the HEC for resolving the issue of promotion policy for universities’ BPS teachers.

The teachers of public sector universities have been deprived by the HEC of the legitimate fundamental right of career growth opportunities even a clear provision is granted by the government of Pakistan in the HEC ordinance 2002 via section 10-q.
The standing committee in its meeting held on January 3, 2022 has expressed that a considerable time has been consumed by the HEC in resolving the promotion issue of BPS faculty but the issue is not resolved yet. The committee has directed the HEC officials to take all possible measures to get finalized the due process before the next meeting of the committee.
The All Pakistan Universities BPS Teachers Association (APUBTA) has raised the issue on the floor of National Assembly through a formal meeting with the honorable Speaker in June 2022. The issue has been on the agenda of last five meetings of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Federal Education.
It is to mention that the right of proper service structure is granted under the same ordinance to all employees of the HEC secretariat staff and Universities TTS teachers but the BPS teachers have been deprived although clear provision has been granted in the HEC ordinance for the BPS teachers.