Govt and ECP fulfil their long-overdue constitutional obligations, Sindhu

Islamabad : The country’s current and former leaders have disappointed the nation. Is it the same reason they are unwilling to face the nation and refuse to hold municipal elections? Due to the leaders’ incompetence, the economy is floundering. The Pakistan Markazi Muslim League is comprised of qualified attorneys, professors, and a body of experts, and therefore it is suited to play the necessary role for the improvement of the nation. The Markazi Muslim League will not permit anyone to withdraw from the municipal elections. We will be obligated to protest alongside the electorate if the government and election commission do not fulfil their duties.

Khalid Masood Sindhu addressed a press conference at the Press Club in Islamabad on the topic of the postponement of municipal elections in Islamabad. He asked that the government and election commission fulfil their long-overdue constitutional obligations and begin the overdue municipal elections in Islamabad; otherwise, our voters and I will be forced to protest. People are enthusiastic about the upcoming elections, and the candidates have finalised their preparations. In such a situation, delaying the elections is a breach of the voters’ rights. Government and Election Commission shall protect the rights of voters and ensure that municipal elections are conducted in accordance with the spirit of the law. Municipal elections ensure that authority rights are transmitted to the inner elements of society, thereby resolving the problems of the people. The government’s reluctance to delegate such responsibility to inner elements of society is baffling.

Khalid Masood Sindhu added that municipal elections are being held for the second time in Islamabad. The first time these elections were held in 2015 was due to pressure from the Islamabad Supreme Court. Unless the Judiciary plays this duty once more, the sanctity of democracy and the law will continue to be violated. Khalid Masood Sindhu responded to a question by stating that the Markazi Muslim League had participated in municipal elections for the first time. The nominees have been announced based on their education, title, competence, popularity, and merit. We have chosen to join in electoral politics in order to discover practical solutions to the problems facing our country and to develop Pakistan into the Islamic Welfare State envisioned by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. We shall provide the people of Pakistan with an educated, capable, and merit-based leadership. Pakistan Markazi Muslim League will participate into general elections as well. Markazi Muslim League is not competing solely for authority and power; rather, our slogan is “transformation into Islamic welfare state,” and we will educate all segments of society to this end. The electoral emblem “table and chair” owned by Markazi Muslim League resembles education and awareness. The Islamic welfare state envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal is a prerequisite for our success, and we are attempting to raise awareness among the general public of this fact.