Rs250 million given to frontline polio workers affected by the floods

Islamabad – Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel handed over cheques for polio workers affected by the floods.
During a meeting at the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), the Health Minister gave cheques to the Coordinators of the Emergency Operations Centres (EOC) in Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. In Sindh, the process has been completed with frontline workers supported with financial assistance in 22 affected districts of the province.
“On this first working day of the year, I want to thank polio workers across the country for their services to the children of Pakistan and reiterate the Government’s commitment to ending transmission of polio in 2023,” the Minister said in his briefing to EOC staff.
The Pakistan Polio Programme conducted a comprehensive assessment of the damages that polio workers suffered this summer when unprecedented rains and flooding affected 33 million people. The financial support is for workers whose homes were either washed away in the floods or partially damaged. Nearly 12,500 polio health workers were affected by the floods, according to the programme’s assessment.
“Polio workers, as always, have served Pakistan above and beyond their call of duty and we must ensure that affected families receive this assistance as soon as possible. The winters are upon us, and it is crucial to support them in rebuilding their homes,” he said.
“Our first priority are always frontline workers. Despite suffering through the climate catastrophe, polio staff were at the forefront delivering essential healthcare through health camps. This reflects their exceptional commitment,” NEOC Coordinator Dr. Shahzad Baig said.
He added that polio workers being prioritized by the Government as part of rehabilitation activities is very important to the programme and also for the motivation of workers on the frontline.
In total, Rs250 million will be given to frontline polio workers affected by the floods around the country.