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Imran Khan is Pakistan’s ‘Economic Hitman, Senator Sherry

Islamabad : “Imran Khan is an economic hitman who destroyed Pakistan’s economy with debt, mismanagement and corruption,” said Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Sherry Rehman

Senator Rehman said that Imran Khan’s mismanagement of the economy during PTI’s tenure has led to the current economic crisis. “Nowadays, Imran Khan is pretending to be an economy expert by giving lectures on how to run the economy, forgetting that he is the one responsible for bringing Pakistan to the edge of an economic collapse, as his failed economic policies brought the country to the brink of defaulting. If Pakistan’s economy was in the right direction during his tenure, he would not have changed four finance ministers in his four years in power,” she said.

She added, “In Pakistan’s 70 years history, the total debt was around PKR 24,000 billion. Under the PTI government, an additional PKR 18,000 billion was added to Pakistan’s debt, increasing the total debt by 70% in just four-years.”

Senator Rehman said, “In the past, the previous governments have also engaged with IMF for economic bail out and have run successful programmes that stabilized Pakistan’s economy. However, the PTI government signed onto the IMF programme under the worst possible terms and conditions. Imran Khan now talks about the importance of the IMF Programme, but he violated the agreement before his ouster in an attempt to save his seat while also creating problems for the incoming government.”

Minister Rehman said that the PDM government has saved the country from defaulting and is working diligently to steer the country away from an economic crisis. “If Imran Khan was still in power, Pakistan would have defaulted already. But the PDM government made tough and unpopular decisions in order to save the economy. We have saved Pakistan from an economic disaster in the past, and we will do it again as well. It will take time to undo the damage done to the economy; a result of PTI’s incompetence in their four-years tenure,” she concluded.