National Assembly

Reconciliation, harmony and dialogue; key to steer country out of present socio-economic challenges, NA Speaker

Islamabad: Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that Pakistan is destined for progress and development as Pakistani nation is determined and adamant to rise above the present challenges. He said that the sun of this year would shine on all of us as the sun of progress, prosperity and development. He also said that it is time to adopt policies of harmony, reconciliation and dialogue as outlined by Mohtrama Shaheed Benezair Bhtoo and Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutoo. He expressed these views while felicitating the nation on the eve of New Year 2023.
The speaker also expressed his unwavering confidence on the capabilities of Pakistani Armed forces to eliminate terrorism and extremism once for all from this land of harmony and tolerance. He said that the masses are facing challenges terrorism, extremism and inflation and being public representatives the onus of responsibility fall on politicians to lead this nation out of these quagmires. He said that this need to rise above politics and by adopting tolerance , love, and dialogue as key principles in present politics in Pakistan.

He said that the nation would rise above all these challenges by adopting self-respect, determination, consistency and tolerance for all as key principles in life and society. He said that all nations learn from their past and rise above challenges by adopting the principles of unsinkable belief, consistent action , love for all as outlined in the verse of great poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal ,
’’یقین محکم عمل پیہم محبت فاتح عالم ‘‘

The speaker also reminded it was the first time in the history of Pakistan that doors of parliament were opened for all especially for downtrodden and marginalized segment of the population like women. Children, youth and transgender. He also said that the parliament has been at the forefront to fight case of climate justice for Pakistan and it also remained active to legislate for the common people. The Speaker also resolved that incumbent parliament would continue to focus on resolving present challenges.

The Deputy Speaker Zahid Akram Durani has also felicitated the nation on the advent of New Year and expressed hope that the New Year will bring happiness, joy and relief from sorrows to the nation and to the world. He was confident that 2023 will prove year of peace, stability and harmony in the region and beyond.