CDA is poised to make changes in zoning regulations

Islamabad : While CDA is poised to make changes in zoning regulations through a proposed commission, DMA Director Shakil Arshad, on deputation from the ministry of science and technology has unleashed has mega technical corruption in the metropolitan and committed gravest crimes against the master plan of CDA.

Master plan ensures maintenance of international standards in the city so that citizens can enjoy the best civic facilities and environs.
Director Municipal Administration Shakil Arshad has devised new strategies for his ulterior motives.

He has issued thousands of ‘open space’ letters to his choice persons and given possession of CDA land worth trillions of rupees to his paymasters.
He has not spared parks, parking areas, play areas, sitting areas, rest areas, foot paths, roads and fresh air areas left for public use provided in the master plan of the city.

The open space is not universal or automatic that everyone can get.
He has a very refined strategy for this through which few thousand rupees are taken officially to hoodwink the public and seniors. Major portion is taken under the table from the mafias and open space letters are distributed through out the city.

All Marakiz and class III shopping centres across the city are victims of his stealing corrupt practices where his thousands of paymasters have encroached and swallowed every foot path, park area, play area, sitting area, verandahs and parking area.
His prime duty is to maintain the city as per international standards of the Islamabad master plan but is acting the other way.

He has degraded the city into a mega slum of Pakistan.
When contacted Shakil Arshad told that Islamabad was his personal property and he could deal it as per his will.
On this, he was reminded that CDA land was not his personal property and it was a trust in his hands and he should not defend mafias and encroachers as per law.
On this he said he was not aware, he will seek advice from his colleagues.

CDA poised to engage survey of Pakistan for fresh demarcation of CDA land
In order to amend regulations regarding zone III, capital Development Authority has decided to  engage the Survey of Pakistan for fresh demarcation of zone III and National park area.

CDA is also mulling over names of members of a commission likely to to be formed for the matter.
The commission will be headed by a retired high court judge.
The commission will make changes to the zoning regulations.

Sources revealed that names of a retired high court judge, a retired general and faculty member National University of Science and Technology, town planners and environmentalists are being considered for members of the commission.
Demarcation will be completed by the Survey of Pakistan at earliest.

“We have requested survey of Pakistan for demarcation of boundaries” said a senior official of CDA.
He said that they had also prepared estimates for markers which will be placed on boundary after report of survey of Pakistan.

A CDA officer said that they had earlier completed demarcation of reserve forests and military grassing land that falls in Margallah Hills.
Demarcation of zone III land National park area will now be done for greater accuracy and precision.

Survey of Pakistan has been requested for demarcation of acquired land and Margallah Hills National Park area.
Zone III is spread over 50,000 acres of land comprising private land and Margallah Hills National Park area.
Out of the 50,000 acres, 20,000 acres is private land without any rules and regulations.

The proposed commission

The CDA board last month in a board meeting had decided to form a commission and a committee was formed on the matter under the supervision of member engineering Syed Munawar hussain Shah.
Sources said that now changes in the zoning regulations will be made by the proposed commission.
The planning wing had earlier drafted regulations proposing that all villages in the area be preserved and there will be no further development work in the area.
Proposals of the planning wing will be shared with the proposed commission.
Gokina, Talhar and Shahdara which have not been acquired by CDA will be preserved.
These villages will be provided with civic facilities and will be asked to not to carry out further development work in the vicinity.
There will be no forced acquisition despite a ban on construction in the area.
Locals will be asked if they want to sell the land.
Civic agency will purchase the land for preservation.
Private areas which belonged to the locals like in Shah Allah Ditta will be included in Zone -1 and will be given a name as Zone 1-A.
Kot Hathiyal and Bhara Kahu will be added to Zone – IV and given the name of Zone IV-A.
Area along Murree road near Rawal Dam Chowk where construction has already taken place will be added to Zone IV.
Commission will also look into the construction and housing societies within a two kilometer radius of Rawal Dam.
Right now there is a ban on construction within a two kilometer radius from Rawal Dam.
Commercial housing projects shall not be allowed in zone III but the ultimate decision will be taken by the proposed commission.
There were reports that a top bureaucrat was pushing the CDA for amendments in zoning regulations but CDA officers denied this.