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President urges private sector to employ persons with disabilities

Karachi : President Dr Arif Alvi has urged the private sector to employ Persons with Different Abilities (PDAs) in different industries, adding that the quota of 5% for PDAs should be followed in the private sector as well. He said that Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) possessed the same level of intelligences as common people, and they should be treated equally, provided schooling and included into the mainstream of society.

The President gave these remarks while addressing the award distribution ceremony for the team of Baba Farid Free Eye Camps, organized by Haji Razzak Janoo Memorial Trust, today.

Addressing the ceremony, the President highlighted that main concern regarding PWDs was lack of awareness and unwillingness of parents to accept the fact that PWDs possessed the same level of intelligence as common people and should be treated the same. He urged the private sector to employ PWDs in different industries and give them jobs as per their capabilities, besides creating new jobs for PWDs.

The President said that some parents hid their children with disabilities due to social pressures, and some children were even mocked for their disabilities. He further said that children with disabilities were kept deprived of education or were confined to schools for special children due to such negative attitudes.

The President urged the need to enroll children with disabilities in mainstream schools, impart them with skills, and given jobs in different public and private sector institutions.

Dr Arif Alvi further that mental stress in Pakistan was growing at a rapid rate and it should be addressed. He regretted that very few psychiatrists were present in Pakistan to address this issue.

The President asked the people not to forget flood affected people who were going through hardships due to severe flooding, especially in Sindh and Balochistan. He said that Pakistan can only succeed when we all play our part as per the injunctions of Islam.

The President also regretted the fact that as per recent reports 20 million people in Pakistan were affected by hepatitis, which was alarming, and was expensive to treat.

Dr Arif Alvi mentioned that we should all play our part in social and welfare activities like Haji Razzak Janoo Memorial Trust which has organized 337 Free Eye Camps with more than 7.4 million OPDs and 310,000 eye surgeries in the past 33 years.

He shed light on the teachings of Baba Fareed Ganjshakar(RA) who always strived for the well being of the people, adding that the Trust indeed carried the legacy. He also acknowledged the efforts of social and welfare work by the Memon community, especially Mr. Abdul Rahim Janoo and his family members.

He extended support for doctors, volunteers, trustees for making Haji Razzak Janoo Memorial Trust a success and he wished the trust more success in upcoming projects.

Awards were given to doctors, trustees including Mr Fayyaz, Mohd Umair Durrani, Mr Rafique, Javed Jilani, Javed Iqbal.