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First Lady inaugurates 17th Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition

KARACHI: First Lady Begum Samina Arif Alvi  inaugurated the 17th Daachi Arts and Craft Exhibition. She also visited various stalls of the artisans and appreciated their work.

The First Lady interacted with the participants of the exhibition and commended their efforts. She said that such exhibitions were pivotal in promoting local arts and artists. While congratulating the organizers of the exhibition, she also said that the value of art in society could not be ignored as it formed the soul of our cultural identity.

The exhibition was organized by Daachi which is a non-profit organization and strived to bring the artistic community together. The foundation has empowered local artisans for the past 12 years through its exhibitions and craft development.

The 17th Daachi exhibition, which is being held at Expo Centre Karachi, has participation from scores of craftspersons and entrepeneurs from all over the country.
The exhibition would continue for two days.