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SDGs can’t be achieved without economic stability: Ahsan

Islamabad : Minister for Planning and Development Professor Ahsan Iqbal particpated as Chief Guest on Dialogue on Global Development initiative towards Global Security.
While addressing the audience as chief guest on the occassion , the Minister for Planning and Development Professor Ahsan Iqbal stated that the whole world is going through a economic crisis as the world has not yet recovered from the shock of the Covid 19 Pandemic .

The Minister remarked that Commodity prices rose worldwide due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and that subsequently gripped the world with high inflation trend.

He further added that Balance of payments and economic crisis today has assumed as a Global phenomena leading to slowing down the execution of Sustainable Development Goals worldwide .

Minister asserted that Today, the poor people of Pakistan are paying the price of climate change . The flood disaster that hit the country affected 33 million people adding that children and mothers in the camps, are reeling undernourished . We have to feed an entire generation and the task of bringing people back has posed serious challenges for the Governmnet.

Minister stated that CPEC was the biggest project of the Belt and Road Initiative in Pakistan that had helped build Pakistan’s infrastructure, and built a new information highway. He lamented that Unfortunately, CPEC could not keep up with the speed as it was planned and the establishment of Industrial zones were delayed consequently. He added that The future of the economy depends upon the export driven economy.

Minister added that In 2013, the world saw Pakistan as a security risk while myths were doing the rounds to defame the country . However , we in our last term through stabilising the economy , made the country investment friendly.

While commenting on the Global initiative Dialogue Minister noted that the dialogue offered ample opportunities to understand the Global dynamics on Global security adding that a country where political instability and discontinuity of policies prevailed cannot tread the path of progress and prosperity.

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