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Lack of integrated energy planning in the previous government affects energy sector, Iqbal

                                                                                                                                                                       ISLAMABAD :  Federal Minister for Planning Development & Special Initiatives Professor Ahsan Iqbal has said the lack of integrated energy planning in the previous government has affected the energy sector in a result country is facing energy crisis

There is a dire need for the integration of energy management plans in order to optimize the investment in the energy sector in future, said the Minister while speaking at the closing ceremony of five-day training workshop on “Low Emission Analysis Platform” (LEAP), organized by Pakistan Planning Management Institute PPMI.
It is noted that USAID Pakistan and Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2016 for cooperation in integrated energy planning.

While speaking at the closing ceremony, the Minister said that energy is the key element in nurturing every development sector. 
“Vision 2025 also recognized the need for integrated energy, water and food security as all are interlinked while Integrated Energy Model will help the country in future to chalk out transition from fossil fuel to other alternate fuel resources; said the Minister, while highlighting the importance of renewable energies sources instead of too much dependence on fossil fuels for their energy needs. 

The Minister further remarked that the Post- Covid-19 crisis hit the world particularly the developing countries and Pakistan is no exception and had to brace the implications. Use of new ideas and knowledge of modern technology helps every sector particularly the energy sector to get space in the global market, he remarked.
The Minister further added that in order to be competitive in the comity of nations, our policies need to be data driven. Models are worthless if accurate data is not fed into the system it is easy to formulate new models but the real challenge is to use them, he concluded.                                                             

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