Pakistan is facing a grand challenge of runaway urbanization,Dr. Zubair Khalid

Webinar on Machine Learning for Sustainable Urban Development

Islamabad,  (VOM ): COMSTECH organized a webinar on “Machine Learning and Data Driven Policy Making for Sustainable Urban Development”,. Dr. Zubair Khalid, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Lahore University of Management Sciences delivered this webinar.

Dr. Zubair talked about the methods of use of technology, data and machine learning to design data-driven policy making for sustainable urban development.

He said Pakistan is facing a grand challenge of runaway urbanization, and said we are trying to address this challenge by using data, technology, and machine learning.

Dr. Zubair informed that we are looking at urban sprawl, mobility, environment and health issues. He said that developing countries don’t have planned urbanization, have mobility issues to address, and there is no adequate waste management systems and air pollution is causing health problems.

Dr. Zubair said we are using technology and data to make evidence based decision making to address these problems. He said along with this we are trying to address social issues of acceptability, inclusivity, equity and transparency of any intervention or policy introduced to the society for the development of sustainable urban communities.

He said our aim is to collect massive urban data by introducing openly accessible technology solutions for data collection, novel algorithms and software toolset for data analysis to make data-driven decision making and evidence based policy design possible.

Dr. Zubair informed that they are working with many state and private institutions to use their data and introduce and implement technology and data based policies for solving problems being faced by the urban community.
Dr. Zubair Khalid is currently working as Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, and also looking after Smart Data Systems & Applications Lab, at Lahore University of Management Sciences.

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