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Nation together and restore the public faith on Parliament, PAC

Islamabad (VOM) , It has been announced with immense pleasure that public Accounts Committee (PAC) has made a remarkable recovery of Rs. 612,253.89 million from December, 2018 to May, 2022 as informed by the office of Auditor General of Pakistan. Honourable Chairman, PAC, Mr. Noor Alam Khan, lauded this unprecedented achievement of PAC, praises the efforts of PAC members and appreciated the hard work of its staff. He declared that only on unbiased and non-political accountability process can bring this nation together and restore the public faith on Parliament.


It is also stated that a complaint was received from the displaced students of Pakistanis who got admission in the Ukrainian Medical Universities but was displaced due to current war in between Ukrainian and Russia. The PAC resolved the genuine problem of those students by obtaining report from Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Those students would be adjusted/admitted in the Pakistanis Medical Institutions/colleges after fulfilling required SOPs of the PMC and respective Institutions/colleges. The credit goes to the PAC for resolving the issues of the students thereof.

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