Budget Session

Budget Session

Shehryar Afridi urges opposition parties not to misuse Kashmir for petty political gains

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Shehryar Khan Afridi Saturday urged the opposition parties not to misuse Kashmir dispute for their petty personal and political objectives.

Taking part in the budget debate in the National Assembly, Shehryar Afridi said that the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has requested the Pakistani political parties not to use Kashmir cause for petty political gains as it breaks the hearts and resolve of millions of Kashmiris fighting to free Jammu and Kashmiri from illegal Indian occupation.

He said that due to the wise strategy adopted by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan was swiftly defeating the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“The whole world today is praising Pakistan and our Prime Minister’s handling of the pandemic,” he said.

Shehryar Afridi blamed the past governments for making secret deals with the US for conducting drone strikes in Pakistan.

“Today no one can dare think of conducting a drone attack in Pakistan. Who blocked the Pashtun ID Cards? In past regimes, the governments used to portray Pashtuns as terrorists in the mock exercises. Who used to call Rao Anwar as his favorite son? Who blocked Pashtuns from entering NADRA offices,” argued Afridi.

He asked the PPP to respond why Sindh government is not giving 3% share from divisible pool for development of FATA despite making a commitment.

“Why the PML-N and PPP governments did not take any measure to secure the sovereignty of the country,” he argued.

Afridi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered to give Rs 12,000 to each family Afghan refugees during the lockdown. He said that Imran Khan also stood tall to fight the case of Muslims and raised his voice against Islamophobia at the world’s top forums. He said that PM Khan also convinced the western world top respect the holy Prophet (PBUH) at the UNGA and the OIC.

He said that the PTI government took action against land mafia and got vacated millions of acres of state land from mafia thugs. He said that 33,000 kanals of state land was recovered from a property tycoon in Islamabad during the anti-encroachment drive.

“Imran Khan’s government took direct action against 1000 Benami properties. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif did not utter a single word for Kashmir but he was fond of having meetings with Narendra Modi and Sajan Jindal for his petty personal gains. Sharif also made baseless claims about our missile programme,” he added.

Afridi also said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi threatened speaker National Assembly of hurling shoe at him but he did not say a single word when Abbasi was mistreated at US airport despite being the prime minister of Pakistan.

“After all, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was the Prime Minister my country. Where was his pride despite mistreatment meted out to him at the American airport? It is only Imran Khan who can refuse Pakistani bases to the American administration,” he said.

Blaming PDM Chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman for using politics for petty personal gains, Shehryar Afridi said that the JUI chief had formed a united front including PTI against Nawaz Sharif’s government in the name of development agenda of southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“But hours after the front was announced, Fazlur Rehman struck a deal with Nawaz Sharif and got Akram Durrani installed as federal minister. Later, the Maulana never talked about the development of southern districts of KP,” he added.

He said that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not dare to mention the name of Kulbhushan Jhadav for four years.

“The opposition should strengthen the hand of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Bring back your fugitive leaders and return the looted wealth and support Imran Khan in making the beloved homeland a developed country. It’s time to dump your corrupt leaders and move on with Imran Khan,” he said.

He said for the first time in history, development is underway in the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa today and the 350 km-long motorway is being built for the development of the southern districts which will change the fate of the people of the southern districts.

“Under PM Khan, a new era of development has begun. For the first time in history, 10 big dams are being built, which is the best strategy to prevent drought. The PTI’s struggle to make the country prosperous and developed will change the destiny of the nation. The time has come for all forces to side with Imran Khan and play their part in the process of national development,” he concluded.