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Sardar Masood seeks speedy completion of Rathua Bridge, other projects in Mirpur


MUZAFFARABAD: The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan while stressing the need for early completion of Rathua Haryam Bridge as well as the Mirpur water supply and sewerage project has called upon the concerned federal government agencies and the Azad Kashmir departments to remove hurdles in the way of both the projects.

He was speaking after receiving a Special Audit Report for the Audit Year 2019-20 and a briefing given to him by the Physical Planning and Housing (PPH) department on various projects at Airwan-e-Sadr in Muzaffarabad.

The State President said that Rathua Haryam Bridge and Mirpur Water Supply and Sewerage Projects were Federal Government’s projects that were to be completed with the Mangla Dam Extension Project, but unfortunately both the projects left halfway since long.

Highlighting the importance of Rathua Haryam Bridge, AJK President said the completion of this bridge would significantly reduce the journey time between Mirpur, Islamgarh, Chakswani, and Dudial, but the people of these areas are still yearning for the facility because of the noncompletion of this important project.

He added that the construction of the bridge would not only promote trade and tourism through Mirpur-Islamgarh highway but would also link different parts of the liberated territory with the Mirpur city.
Sardar Masood Khan said that completion of Rathua Haryam Bridge and Mirpur water supply and sewerage projects was also an old demand of Kashmiri expatriates living in the UK and other countries and we hope that the concerned AJK departments and the federal government agencies would fulfill this demand.
“The three-km-long bridge would not just reduce the traveling distance and time between Mirpur and major towns on the other side of the Mangla Lake, including the headquarters of neighboring Kotli district, but would also become in itself a major tourist attraction after completion,” the President said.

About the Rs7 billion Greater Water Supply and Sewerage Project in Mirpur, the President said that the funds for the huge project were provided by the federal government through WAPDA to provide facilities of sewerage and potable water to the residents of Mirpur city and its hamlets including Mangla, Hameedabad, Chakswari, Dudeyal, Siakh, Islamgarh, and Khaliqabad.
The audit report on Rathua Haryam Bridge was presented by Director General Audit Azad Jammu and Kashmir Mohammad Hassan Rana while briefing on housing and physical planning was given by the Secretary of the department Mansoor Qadir Dar.