Pak Navy

Pak Navy


Islamabad: In an impressive Investiture Ceremony held at Naval Headquarters Islamabad, Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Faisal Rasul Lodhi conferred military awards upon Pakistan Navy personnel.

The recipients of Sitara-l-lmtiaz (Military) were Cdre Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Cdre Shahid Rasheed, Cdre Adeel Qureshi, Cdre Ashfaq Akhtar, Cdre Javed Zia, Cdre Mohammad Irfan, Cdre Mohammad Maqbool, Cdre Azhar Mahmood, Cdre Ashar Mahmood, Cdre Syed Sajjad Hussain, Cdre Dr Faisal Amir Khan Niazi, Cdre Imran Ishaq, Cdre Waseem Sherazi and Capt Muhammad Sarfraz Khan.

The recipients of Tamgha-i-lmtiaz (Military) were Capt Tayyab Wadood Anwar, Capt Imran Khan, Cdr Kamran Adnan, Cdr Muhammad Fahim Ibrahim, Cdr Tassawar Aziz Malik, Lt Cdr Akhtar Zaman Khan and Lt Cdr Muhammad Tasaeen.

The recipients of Tamgha-i-Basalat were Cdre Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Lt Cdr Muhammad Niaz and Sana ullah LPM.

The recipients of Imtiazi Sanads were Cdre Dr Sajid Mahmood Shahzad, Lt Cdr Muhammad Salman, Surg Lt Cdr Ammarah Tahir and Lt Shah Faisal Mehmood.

03 Awards of TK(M)-I, 07 awards of TK(M)-II and 07 awards of TK(M)-III have also been conferred upon CPOs and Sailors. Letters of Commendation from Chief of Staff have been awarded to 53 Officers, CPOs/ Sailors and Navy Civilians.

The ceremony was attended by serving and retired officers of the Pakistan Navy.