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Kashmir AJK

*No peace, security in the region without Kashmir resolution: Masood Khan*


MUZAFFARABAD: The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan while welcoming the efforts to pave the way for peace and security in South Asia made it clear that without resolving the Kashmir issue trust between India and Pakistan cannot be restored.

Talking to newsmen after a meeting with Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri here on Wednesday, he said confidence cannot be built between Pakistan and India without cessation of Indian repression against the innocent Kashmiri people, reversal of unlawful Indian actions of August 5, 2019, and the resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

“The efforts for peace and security cannot be result-oriented without building confidence between the two countries,” he unequivocally declared. The AJK President again repeated his appeal to the Pakistani political parties to set aside their petty differences, and hammer out a joint strategy on the Kashmir issue in order to convey a unanimous message to the world parliaments.

He maintained that Pakistan had a great influence in the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Therefore, the Pakistani parliamentary political parties should go to the IPU and also meet different political parties of the world with their unanimous message so that the Kashmiri people get justice and the Indian repression being perpetrated on them on daily basis comes to a halt.

The AJK president said that the Kashmiri people were being deprived of their land, and non-Kashmiri Indian subjects were being settled there while the Kashmiri youth are martyred in fake encounters daily. The Pakistani political parties and the parliamentary leaders including Qasim Suri can play an important, effective and key role in bringing an end to the agonies of the Kashmiri people.

Speaking on the occasion, deputy speaker of the National Assembly said that he was happy to come to the state metropolis to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people who have been fighting for their freedom for several decades.

He said that several generations of Kashmiris had offered unprecedented sacrifices for their freedom and the right to self-determination, and they have played an active role in every era to strengthen the bonds of Jammu and Kashmir state with Pakistan. Being the custodian of the parliament of Pakistan, he went on to say that all parliamentary parties of Pakistan are united for the solution of Kashmir issue.

Qasim Suri described the Kashmir issue as the biggest hurdle in the way of peace in the region, and said that this hurdle can be removed by resolving the issue in line with the UN Security Council resolutions. He added that Pakistan remains firm on its principled stand on the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people and holding a free, fair and impartial plebiscite in the state in order to ensure peace and security in the region.

Deputy Speaker National Assembly said that Kashmir was the jugular vein of Pakistan, and Pakistan would not hesitate from offering any sacrifice to defend this lifeline.