Traffic Diversion Plan

Traffic Diversion Plan

Respected Everyone,

23rd March Islamabad Updates

*Traffic Diversion Plan for 19-March-2021 Pakistan Day Parade Rehearsal*

1. Islamabad will be closed for Heavy traffic from 00:00 hrs to 1400 hrs

2. Light traffic coming from Lahore via GT road can use Rawat T Junction Rwp  Saddar road towards Peshawar and Lahore on Motorway and GT road

3. Traffic coming from Rawalpindi airport can follow and use Express way, Khana bridge, Lathrar road, Thramri chowk, Park road, Rawal Dam Chowk and can use Murree road and can enter Islamabad G Sectors and Srinagar Highway

4. For Bara Kahu and Murree can use Kashmir Chowk

5. Traffic coming from Motorway towards Bara Kahu and Murree can use Srinagar Highway

6. Faizabad will be close for all kind of traffic till the end of Parade Rehearsal

7. Roads from Khana bridge towards Zero point will be closed for traffic from 0500 hrs to 0830hrs. on 19th March 2021

8. Faisal Avenue, zero point towards Faizabad roads will be closed from 19 to 23rd March 2021

Recommended roads be open to reach your campuses. Please plan your travel accordingly

*Stay informed*