UNHCR continue fostering educational opportunities for Afghan refugees

PESHAWAR: UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is committed to providing quality education for Afghan refugees.

In line with UNHCR’s international and national education policies, qualified teachers were hired to deliver quality education in refuge villages. This helps improve educational opportunities and services for Afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

“I’m concerned that due to changes meant to optimize educational opportunities for Afghan refugees, a few teachers were affected and no longer have contracts as incentive workers to teach in refugee villages,” said the Head of UNHCR’s Sub-Office in Peshawar, Mr. Bernard Inkoom.

A total of 87 teachers have reached retirement age of 60 years or no longer meet minimum qualifications to continue to teach in the refugee villages schools.

It is to be noted that these teachers were originally hired by local NGOs supported by UNHCR, and these teachers received contracts as incentive workers.

Contracts were set to expire in August 2020. However, upon the request of UNHCR, the NGOs extended those contracts as compensation for their service.

Teachers’ contracts are generally renewed yearly depending upon the need and extension of the project.

At this time, refugee village schools remain operational, and qualified teachers continue to provide educational services.