*NEECA commences School Awareness Campaign*

National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has started a campaign titled “School Awareness Campaign”.

The campaign intended to launch an awareness campaign for the youth. The communication approach here aims to address the purpose where the awareness-raising activities with the schools are intended to be amplified in their impact. The awareness raised with the students will have the potential to be further disseminated with their parents, through their children. This awareness session will help the children to understand how to conserve energy, the importance of energy efficiency, and change in behavior that could help conserve energy.

The first session of the campaign was conducted in Headstart School Kurri Campus where 5-7 grade students have participated. The session was comprised of two segments. In the first segment students were presented basic information and awareness regarding energy efficiency and conservation, what are the EE&C purposes and how we individually can contribute to it. Also, students were informed about NEECA, its mandate, and its role in the country especially in five major sectors of the economy as Power, Agriculture, Building, Transport, and Industry. In the second segment, there was a pop-up quiz in which students have actively participated.

The quiz consisted of questions regarding energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy sources, climate change, and Green House Gas emissions. In the end, students were awarded prizes and certificates.