NEECA Industrial Boilers best practices for Efficient Operations

Islamabad : National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has hosted a webinar on Industrial Boilers best practices for Efficient Operations.

The Webinar was intended to open the platform for Industrial associations, policymakers, new technology, and concerned stakeholders, for generating the debate on Energy efficiency-related interventions in Pakistan. The objective of the discussion was to gauge and influence the interest of the manufacturers to help in promoting energy efficiency & conservation campaign, which is ultimately influenced by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy, as suggested by NEECA.

The webinar was followed by distinct speakers, including Managing Director NEECA: Dr. Sardar Muhazzam, Chairman Boiler Manufacturers Association (BMA): Mr. Manzar Shamim, and Technical Expert (BMA): Mr. Shahid Ali Malik.


Dr. Mohazzam said in his opening remarks that we have set a goal for the upcoming three years to achieve 3MTOE in all sectors. He added that NEECA has specially given priority to the 3 topmost sectors that are Industry, Transport, and Building sectors. He further said that we have recently initiated energy audits in the industrial sector but by the NEECA’s surprise and we were shocked that there is a serious lack of energy auditors. In order to provide human resources to the sector, NEECA has incepted a program that is Training of the Trainers. We have initially trained 80 people and have intent to go to train 1000 people. He further expressed his views regarding NEECA performance that recent year remained successful because we have successfully accomplished the Energy Efficiency policy, consolidated our HR structure, and completed major milestones.


Mr. Manzar Shamim said that the majority of the captive powerplant in Pakistan operate over Gas and similarly which is the contributor of Green House Gas Emissions and energy inefficiency. He further said primarily Textile industry is one of the big industrial subsectors that approximately covers 63-64 percent of the country’s industry. He added that there are sufficient numbers of industries in the country which have an old boiler due to they are overconsuming energy as compare to the new boilers. He further added that around 5-600 boilers operate in the country

majority of them are old which is obviously inefficient. NEECA could help to improve the existing boilers and provide sufficient knowledge regarding energy efficiency and conservation. He further expressed that there is confusion regarding efficiency calculation the manufacturers should focus on the boiler efficiency calculations so that boilers could be further operated while keeping in view the energy efficiency and conservation.