NEECA conducts a panel discussion on Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Pakistan

NEECA conducts a panel discussion on Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Pakistan

Islamabad : National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has conducted a panel discussion on Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Pakistan.
The Panel discussion was intended to open the platform for policy makers, new technology and concerned stakeholders, for generating the debate on Energy efficiency related interventions in Pakistan. The objective of the discussion was to gauge and influence the interest of the people to help in promoting energy efficiency & conservation campaign, which is ultimately influenced by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy, as suggested by NEECA.

The session was followed by distinct speakers, including Managing Director NEECA: Dr. Sardar Muhazzam, Cahirman Higher Education Commision: Dr. Tariq Bnuri, Director General Environment and Climate Change: Muhammad Irfan Traiq.

Dr. Mohazzam said in his opening remarks that we have set a goal to achieve 3MTOE in all sectors including Power, Buildings, Industry, Agriculture, and Transport. Today’s session is a part of our endeavor to bring Energy Efficiency and Conservation to Pakistan. He further said that we are working on different projects regarding Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and Conservation In collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change.

Dr. Tariq Banuri highlighted that we need proper monitoring, verification, and validation systems to encourage people towards Energy Efficiency. He further said that what is needed was known 28 years ago but still, we are standing in the same position now and nothing has happened. He added that I came here as an advocate of sustainable environment and I offer NEECA to come up with a plan persisting to Energy Efficiency and Conservation, HEC will work together with NEECA on it.

Mr.Tariq, added that It’s important to understand the nexus of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. He said that resource efficiency is a win-win scenario for the users and the resources as well. He further said that we need to improve Energy Efficiency to curtail Green
House Gas emissions. He added that we are in process of revising NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions) and NEECA is leading Technical Review Committee on Mitigation and I appreciate NEECA for bringing all stakeholders together in this national endeavor.