Islamabad : Begum Samina Alvi, 1ST Lady of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, inaugurated PAFWA Educational System Primary School at PAF Complex, Islamabad today. Begum Tazeen Mujahid, President PAFWA, high ranking PAF officers and lady wives also attended the ceremony.

Addressing at the occasion, the Chief Guest said that Pakistan Air Force has focused on the importance of education in our society in lines with the government’s vision of providing quality education in learning institutions. She further emphasized that provision of high standard education at primary level is the need of the hour as to lay solid foundation for the ever inquisitive young minds. She extended her heartfelt wishes for the success of this monumental project and asserted that the PAF would continue to contribute towards the progress of our country by providing state-of-the-art learning facilities to the children from every strata of the society. Later on, Begum Samina Alvi visited various facilities of the school where she was briefed about the salient features of the system.

PAWFA Educational System (PES) is a flagship project of Pakistan Air Force Women Association (PAFWA) which has complemented to existing setup of schools and colleges in PAF. This new educational system would give an impetus to quality education in PAF in addition to catering for the increasing number of children in primary school. The main objective of the educational system is to build up future generation through provision of conceptual learning to children, enabling them to develop confident and well-rounded personality with progressive and futuristic approach.