Fire protection industry for countrywide adoption of CDA’s fire safety standards

Fire protection industry for countrywide adoption of CDA’s fire safety standards

Islamabad: The fire protection industry of Pakistan is fully ready to render assistance to the relevant authorities including national and provincial disaster management authorities for the countrywide adoption of fire safety standards of Capital Development Authority for Islamabad as being a role model.

These views were expressed by the speakers at the regional meeting held here of the newly constituted Fire Protection Industry of Pakistan (FPIP)-being the representative body of the fire industry in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder President of FPIP Muhammad Imran Taj said that they had formed the new association as a platform to gather all the relevant stakeholders for fire safety and security of all residential, commercial, and industrial establishments in the country.

He said the fire safety system being enforced by the CDA should be implemented all across the country.

He said that likewise the CDA’s construction by-laws, the requirement of fire safety compliance certificate should be made compulsory at the time of construction, sale, resale, and giving on rent a building anywhere in Pakistan.

He expressed gratitude to the Civil Aviation Authority officials for rendering assistance for fire prevention in Islamabad region particularly.

He also thanked the fire industry trainers, consultants, vendors, and service providers belonging to Islamabad region who had opted to join the new body.

Co-founder and Secretary-General of FPIP Muhammad Ovais particularly expressed gratitude to Pakistan Institute of Management for rendering support to the fire industry to establish its first representative body in Pakistan.

Anwar Ghauri, ex-fire safety director of the Civil Aviation Authority, expressed hope that the new platform would be helpful in synchronising all fire security, safety, and training services being provided in the country.

Zulqarnain Chughtai, Islamabad Regional director of FPIP, appreciated the fact that the fire safety provision-2016 of building code of Pakistan was being duly enforced in the case of the federal capital city for doing both commercial and residential construction.

He emphasised the need for conducting activities to educate end-users about importance of fire safety standards at their home and workplace.

Nadeem Sheikh said that there had been serious dearth of quality fire-fighting equipment in the country as the Pakistan Engineering Council had to play its due role to provide quality certification in this regard.

Civil Aviation authority fire safety representative, Ghulam Muhammad, welcomed the formation of FPIP for skill development of the personnel associated with fire protection industry and also for growth of the industry.

Other delegates expressed their gratitude and support for FPIP as they included QHSE Expert Chaudhary Muhammad Anwar; CEO Quartz Engineering Solutions Mian Ebadullah; Ali Raza of Fire and Safety; CSO of Rexo Fire and Safety Jaffar Samtia; and Manager of Admin and Sales at Fire and Safety Umair Iftikhar.