China offers assistance of all its Ministries and Law Enforcement Agencies in curbing drug menace in Pakistan: Ambassador H.E Yao Jing

China offers assistance of all its Ministries and Law Enforcement Agencies in curbing drug menace in Pakistan: Ambassador H.E Yao Jing

Islamabad: 8 May, 2020.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan H.E Yao Jing called on Azam Khan Swati, Federal Minister for Narcotics Control here on friday and expressed willingness of Chinese government in providing support to Pakistan to curb drug manace.

Mr. Jing said controlling drug trafficking is crucial not just for China but for the entire region. He said China being the next door neighbor finds it their moral responsibility to help Pakistan in this overcoming this global problem. He said Chinese government is ready to extend its assistance in the form of surveillance equipment, testing laboratories as well as manpower. Mr. Jing also offered the services of Mr. Peng Yunfei, the Police Liaison Counselor who accompanied the ambassador in the meeting held in Narcotics Control Ministry Islamabad.

While adressing the meeting, Mr. Jing informed federal minister Azam Khan that People of China also stand firmly with Pakistan and pledge their assistance wholeheartedly. He said drug related issues are effecting humanities beyond borders, therefore it is necessary for both the governments to put up a mutually coordinated fight to bring down drug mafias and drug traffickers. He said that both the governments can further consolidate their relationship by starting joint ventures for drug control. He said China does not have a dedicated ministry for drug control just like Pakistan but it has very strict regulations in place. He said both the countries can learn and assist eachother in the form of providing border control assistance and solving policy related issues.

Mr. Jing lauded Azam swati on the recent successful seizure of 100 kilograms of Crystal Drug by Antinarcotics Force (ANF) done in collaboration with Pakistan Navy amid Covid-19 crisis. Swati informated the Ambassador that the 3 billion rupees worth of drug siezed is going to save a plethora of young population from destroying their lives at the hands of drug lords. Swati said that ANF is working day and night to curb drug flow and bring this curse down once and for all. He also invited Chinese Ambassador to visit the on-ground facilities, ports, checkposts and prisons run under ANF to have first hand view of efforts made by the drug control authorities within Pakistan.

Swati said that China’s concern for the well being of people in Pakistan is heartwarming. He said that the support chinese government provided amid Covid-19 is unprecedented, given the fact that China itself was going through hard times in fighting novel corona virus.

Azam Swati said that issue of drug trafficking has been a maga issue for Pakistan mainly because of deteriorated drug control situations in adjacent Afghanistan. He appreciated Chinese Ambassador Mr. Jing on showing concern and stepping up to take it as a regional challenge. Swati said China and Pakistan both observer zero tolerance when it comes to drug availability in their countries, bringing both the states on same page in fighting this curse.
Report by Sohail Majeed Butt

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